Playing Multiple Sports – Definition of a Well Rounded Athlete

After witnessing the London Olympics be a spectacle, I was left with a shattered jaw after two weeks of seeing the most talented athletes in the country. You have to wonder how much effort they put in preparation for their lifetime goal of becoming Olympians. It is obvious that they began when they were very young.

This was the beginning of many conversations around our home as these talented athletes set new records at the London games. It is because of this that we assume that every pro or Olympian athlete must have been trained specifically in the sport they are competing in since they were barely able to walk.

Variety for Sports

With so many kids participating in travel leagues and having their own coaches, it’s hard to decide if this is a good idea or not.

The same holds true for sports. Coaches who are well-respected will tout the benefits of multiple sports for kids. A youngster can enjoy a variety of sports, which keeps them excited. Children who are unable to play a particular sport for a while can look forward and enjoy the other ones.

It is possible to have your children play soccer from April through September, and then switch to football or football.

They love baseball, but once the game is over they take a’mental’ break and can get into their fall sports. They look forward for the change, the new challenges and competitions, as well as the social dynamic.

All of these traits contribute to their ability as athletes and individuals. Basketball players are better at infield when they turn double plays the next summer because of their footwork.

Many lessons can be learned from multiple sports.

Knowing how to play against bigger and tougher opponents in basketball can give insight into one’s drive, tenacity, and ability think strategically within the game. This doesn’t necessarily translate to other sports. Rethink.

The player has multiple chances to learn how diversity works. These challenges are a great way to discover how to best use your abilities and talents to reach your full potential. It can also be a tremendous confidence booster. The fact that you were able against a very good pitcher in baseball builds your confidence as you take on the task of blocking the best defensive lineman for the opposing team in football. Your self-worth increases and your confidence in yourself is enhanced 안전놀이터.

Achieving success in sports breaks the chains of performance that could keep levels low.

It allows one to feel free and happy. Many stories will be told about multisport-minded athletes that excel both in the classroom and in their professional life.

There is increasing evidence of overuse injuries in kids who specialize in one type of sport and not in other sports. Overuse injuries are becoming more common earlier in life. There is a movement to prevent them. Multiple sports may help lower childhood obesity risk, according to evidence.

Let’s go even further. The college level is where coaches seek competitiveness. They appreciate the competitiveness of athletes who participate in multiple sports. A lot of times, they’ll see athletes who have served as captains in various sports. This is a great indicator of the leadership qualities a player possesses and it contributes to one’s overall development, something college coaches love.

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