There is a special magic in a moment when a photographer and his vis-à-vis agree and define the principle of a miracle, called photography. Here, a frame is an interaction, a cooperation, a dialogue… Somebody trusts the man with a camera enough to be a part of his creative project and to present his image. But is there an accurate word describing something that once belonged to someone else and was taken with no consent? Stolen. I’m talking about a picture that was taken with no permission. A digital sneak peak of someone else’s life with no start and no end. This could be eternal, but we are unable to pause and really believe it. However, this is eternity as there is nothing more eternal and real that silence of a moment, even the shortest one. Familiar people or strangers in the focus of a camera lens. A camera hidden between the folds of a coat. Shutter click of a blind shot from the hip on a subway escalator, on a street, in a coffee shop or… operation room of a field hospital. What is more sincere? Presented or stolen? The vision! The vision of a photographer who captures reality in its most unexpected or predicable nature. This is why today I bring these principles together and make them allies and partners in that deeply magical moment that I devoted my whole life to – my photography.