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The Best Ways to Play The Games of The Massachusetts State Lottery

Instant Win Scratch Tickets

Are you a regular customer of a corner grocery and have you ever seen a large number of people in their cars and sat there in a stupefied state? The result of a new Instant Win Scratch Ticket release by the Massachusetts State Lottery is what you’ve just witnessed. It should not surprise you to know that it’s all about money and entertainment. Only one thing can create that kind of excitement in corners stores and at ‘quickstop gas stations’ throughout the state. So, it’s not surprising why the state owns a monopoly in the industry ซื้อหวยออนไลน์.

Perhaps you have ever wondered how all these people know when a new instant winner game has been released. They keep an eye on the Massachusetts State Lottery Official Web Site to see if there are any new release announcements. This way, they’re always informed about new opportunities to win big.

The sudden furore is simply explained by what’s well known within the’scratching comunity’. In an effort to gain popularity and increase sales for a game, every instant game releases winning tickets.

Now it’s been a week and the crowds are gone at the’scratching post’. You have some former presidents burning holes in your pocket. Take a hot shower and you’re ready to get some instant-win lottery tickets. It’s now up to you to choose which games tickets you should buy. Before you put out those historic figures, check the Instant Prizes Claims page on the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Official Web Site. Check out the Instant prizes under 1,000,000 page.

You want to look for the claimed and total columns on the right-hand side of both listing pages. It is easy to scan the columns and see which prizes are available and which have been claimed. At this point, it is clear that you do not want to buy tickets for games where there are more unclaimed prizes then claimed prizes. It is not worth spending your hard earned money on 46 unclaimed prizes when there are 50 prizes available. You can instead buy tickets for 28 vs.66 and 18 vs. 80 to have 30 to 60 additional chances of winning the grand prize. However, you will not find all of the winners in circulation at the moment that your purchase is made.

This raises the question of how much to spend on your instant winning ticket purchase. According to most professional “scratchers”, you have to spend at least $100 per game in order to have any chance of winning a prize. Prudence will dictate that you can only purchase as many scratch cards as your budget will allow. Spending $100 today isn’t feasible, but over time it might be possible to save some money for a “new instant win release treat”. This will allow you to play by the rules while still being able to spend what you can afford.

Cash WinFall

Cash WinFall, Massachusetts’ newest game with a single wheel, offers a new twist on the traditional jackpot game. The money is divided up to less fortunate winners. If the jackpot pool does not reach $2 million, then $2,000,000.00 goes to the lower-level winners. That means, if the jackpot is greater than $2 Million and there isn’t a winner, $2 Million will go to all the prize winners. That’s quite neat! Now, it’s easy to see when to play Cash WinFall.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions Massachusetts’ two-wheel version of PowerBall is Mega Millions. Due to Mega Millions being a 2 wheel game the odds of winning 6 numbers are extremely high. They are even higher than PowerBall’s odds. It would make sense that the odds are greater, so there would be more winners with larger jackpots. However, this is not true. Powerball’s jackpot winners have been approximately one every six weeks for the past year (8 winners) and there are 9 figure jackpots. Mega Millions Jackpot winners have been reported as approximately once every 4 week (14 winners) over the last year. There are also 9 figure jackpots that number 4. These numbers can be attributed to the demographics and population in each state.