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Online Betting Tips And Advice For Betfair Users

Can you make a living from the Betfair exchanges?

That all depends on the individual 농구토토. Online betting requires more that just an opinion on the race outcome. Two important attributes for success in online gambling are being level-headed and not trying to win.

Before making a decision about whether a horse should be bought, there are many things that the average punter must take into consideration.

Favourites are more likely to win, on average, 33% of times. As such, punters tend blindly to ignore the horses past achievements and to ignore any clues. This does not necessarily mean the favourite will win. An overpriced favourite will end up running as well as a donkey offering rides on Brighton Beach. But I doubt it would be the right type of ride to take if you’re planning a day trip.

Horse trainers have a keen eye for the abilities of their horses and can make informed decisions about how to best train them. Problem for horse trainers is how much extra weight they can carry if they win a race. It is ideal for trainers that their horses win by a single length. However, it can be difficult for assessors to determine if a horse wins by more than one length. A horse that wins by more than 10 lengths may receive a 9lb penalty. But, the question is: Is the horse that good really? Or was it just because the others finishing behind were less than the expectations?

A trainer will enter a well-priced horse into a twopenny race only with one goal in mind. It is not there in order to win. Instead, it will reduce its handicap for a more lucrative racing event later in the season. They are aware that the horse could win in 3 months the PS20,000 race if it was 10lb lighter than its current mark.

How often as a punter have you thought the 5/4 favourite looked like a solid investment? It’s the perfect ground for running on. It has just completed its best trip. So you lump it together with all the other sheep to see your investment sink faster that an Audley Harrison comeback. Did you ever research the type of track it likes? Is it more comfortable running left- or right-handed? Are its best runs on flat tracks or on undulating terrain? Is the stable in good shape? Is it possible to determine what percentage of horses in the stable are at their handicap mark.

If you are privy to the inside scoop, it’s not always easy to judge a favourites chances. Use this information wisely. You don’t have to follow the majority, just because they are doing it is a sign that you should do it.

Make smart investments and do your homework before investing. You will win more times than the average Saturday punter.