I know exactly when I took my first frame.

My father, Eugene Vereshchagin, gave me a “Zorkiy” camera, so that I could take pictures of him with my mom. On the following picture, taken by the father there is me, a minute after the first frame I took as a child. It happened on June 12, 1957 in Bratsk.

Dad was treating the negatives very gently. He would cut them and put in the envelopes, sign the date and the subject of the photo shoot. Unfortunately, I did not master this accuracy, but my life was forever connected with the photography, after falling in love with the monochrome image of with my first, childish frame.

My uncle, Vladimir Panov, an amateur photographer and a wonderful person, supported my interest. He left a great number of negatives illustrating our lives, from the early fifties until the end to the ‘70ies.

Once, I made an attempt to create a list of all cameras that have “stayed” with me, and which I used for taking photographs. When it became obvious that the number exceeded a hundred, I had to give up…

By the way, that “Zorkiy” from my childhood in Bratsk was a rangefinder compact camera with black-and-white film. In fact, it is a clone of the Leica MMonochrom, my favorite cameras that I use the most these days. The circle has closed!