There is a special magic in the moment when a photographer strikes a deal with his vis-à-vis, defining the miracle we call photography. In this case the frame becomes immersion itself, a joint effort, a dialogue. Someone gifts his or her image to a person with a camera, trusting that person, and taking part in his or her creative endeavor. But is there a precise word which defines something that originally belonged to the other and was taken without asking?


Consider a photograph taken without permission. A digitalized snapshot of a fleeting moment in someone else’s life with no beginning and no end. It could become an eternity, but we simply cannot stop and believe this fact in earnest. It becomes eternal nevertheless because there is nothing more endless yet immediate than the pure silence of a moment, even the shortest one.
People, familiar or unfamiliar, stand in a lens’s focus… A camera hidden in the folds of a coat… The click of a shutter shot from the hip on a subway escalator, on a street, in a cafe, or… in the operating room of a field hospital…
What here is most sincere? The given or the stolen?
It’s the vision! It’s the vision of the photographer who documents reality in its most expected and unexpected manifestations. That is why today I unite both of these principles and turn them into allies and partners in that same magical instant, to which I’ve devoted my entire life — my photography.


Igor Vereshchagin, 2017